We focus on sustainable forestry and manufacture great products such as cedar siding, western red cedar panels, western red cedar shingle panels. Many other items are available so please call us today. We offer Good Steward Environmental Certificates.

Premier Forest Products - Certigrade Shingles, Shingle Panels, Panelized Shingles, Sidewall Shinges, Decorating Shingles, Vertical Grain, Mixed Grain

Good Steward Environmental Certificate
Premier Forest Products, Inc. can offer “Good Steward Environmental Certificates” certifying that products have been manufactured from dead, down, diseased, recycled and/or reclaimed material. For your next project, Go Green. Go Premier.

The Green Choice

Premier Forest Products, Inc. is proud to manufacture environmentally responsible building products for today’s home owners and builders. The choice is clear. Choose Green. Choose Premier.

Formaldehyde Free
The Premier Panel™ contains no/low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is formaldehyde free. Premier’s Real Wood products are the Green Choice
for your next project.

Premier Forest Products - Certigrade Shingles, Shingle Panels, Panelized Shingles, Sidewall Shinges, Decorating Shingles, Vertical Grain, Mixed Grain
Green Choice - Western Red Cedar, White Cedar, Red Cedar, Forest Products, Eastern White Cedar

Western Red Cedar -- The Green Choice

Today's sustainable forestry practices ensure a perpetual abundance of cedar from North America's forests. Cedar substitutes like wood plastic composites are manufactured from materials extracted from the earth -- once removed, they can never be replaced. And when substitute products ages beyond their useful life, they become part of landfills. As a natural product, cedar is fully biodegradable. Substitute products also require huge amounts of energy to manufacture compared to cedar products. Add it all up and cedar is the environmentally responsible choice for your home, hands down.

  • Some substitute products are made from fossil fuels and all of them require more energy to produce than real cedar.
  • Cedar is a recyclable building material -- is reusable and biodegradable.
  • Cedar products are manufactured from a fully renewable resource.

Real Cedar -- Real Wood. Naturally Superior, The #1 Choice

Real Cedar: A Renewable Resource

Cedar building products are derived from a renewable resource. It grows from the earth, is harvested, manufactured and used for decades or even centuries. Then, when its useful life span is ended, it returns to the earth.

This natural life cycle explains why real cedar building products are the environmentally sound choice when compared with alternative materials like concrete, plastic or metal. Only wood comes from a renewable, biodegradable resource. Today's sustainable forestry practices ensure a perpetual abundance of high-quality wood from North America's forests. Aluminum and concrete come from materials extracted from the earth. Once removed, they can never be replaced. Plastics are derived from dwindling petroleum reserves.

Of each tree harvested, 95% goes into useful products. The remaining 5%, the branches, is left on the forest floor to biodegrade into rich compost for the next crop.

Concerned about tomorrow? Cedar's on your side.

Sustainability of Building Materials
Wood Steel Concrete
Total Energy Use


140% more

70% more

Greenhouse Gases


45% more

81% more

Air Pollution


42% more

67% more

Water Pollution


1900% more

90% more

Solid Waste


36% more

96% more

Ecological Resource Use


16% more

97% more

Real Cedar: America's home choice for centuries

The “Tree of Life” is what the first residents of the Pacific Northwest called the stately Western Red Cedar. Its legendary durability made cedar nature’s gift for building ocean-going canoes, post-and-beam houses, ceremonial dance masks and ancestral totem poles, many of which have withstood centuries of weathering.
Real Cedar: Durability

Real Cedar's durability is legendary. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage make it the ideal choice for a surface that is exposed to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round. Pacific Northwest coastal communities have relied on Real Cedar's weather resistant properties to construct their board walks, homes and lodges.
Real Cedar: Timeless Natural Beauty

Real Cedar is just downright beautiful. With a rich grain, texture and color that enhances and complements any architectural style, it fits naturally with the great outdoors. Real Cedar, the stability leader, has a straight grain that resists twisting, warping, cupping, settling and shrinking, making it ideal for your building needs.
Real Cedar: Peace of Mind

Real Cedar’s unique “grown in the wood” preservative oil means that no chemical treatment is needed. The arsenic and copper compounds used to preserve other wood products can pose a serious health threat. In every sense Cedar is one of the safest choices for any yardscape. User friendly Cedar is a dream to work with. It's the lightest of the softwoods and custs easily, unlike composite materials. It won't change shape on you and all fasteners stay in place, always.


Premier Forest Products is a proud manufacturer of Real Wood and Real Cedar products.


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