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The Premier Panel™ includes a factory installed rain screen system. The following article contains invaluable information about the importance of a furred system.

The mother of all weather-barrier systems: The Vented Rain Screen
by Paul R. Fisette, Director
Building Materials and Wood Technology
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Premier Forest Products is a proud manufacturer of Real Wood and Real Cedar products.

 Lumber Products such as; Certigrade Shingles, Shingle Panels, Panelized Shingles, Sidewall Shinges, Decorating Shingles, Vertical Grain, Mixed Grain, Bevel Siding, Cedar Siding and more...
Shingle Product by Premier Forest Products

Features & Benefits

The Premier Panel™ is a major breakthrough in shingle panel design and technology.The Premier Panel™ features an advanced two-ply “Cedar on Cedar” shingle panel design with a factory installed rain screen system.

100% Real Wood – 100% Real Cedar. There is no substitute!

Real Wood® Backer-board
The Premier Panel™ features a solid, naturally durable, Western Red Cedar backer-board in lieu of a plywood sheathing backer-board.

Two-Ply “Cedar on Cedar” Design
The Premier Panel™ is a true two-ply “Cedar on Cedar” design providing the optimum in weather protection and durability. There is no substitute for Western Red Cedar Shingles on a solid, naturally durable, Western Red Cedar backer-board.

100% Vertical Grain – 100% Clear – 100% Heartwood
Premier uses 100% Vertical Grain, 100% Clear and 100% Heartwood Western Red Cedar shingles in their panel system. Testing and practical experience show that these shingles move less, cup less and retain finishes better than flat grain shingles.

Thick Butt Western Red Cedar Shingles
Premier manufactures its Western Red Cedar shingles to industry standards featuring a “thick butt” shingle for added longevity and style. Premier’s rebutted and rejointed (R&Rs) shingles provide clean, crisp, distinctive shadow lines for optimum architectural appeal.

Band Sawn Textured Shingle Faces
Premier’s vertical grain shingles have a textured band sawn “A” face, which absorb stains, paints and other finishes more readily and evenly compared to other milled surfaces. Real Cedar Key-Ways (Real Reasons) The Premier Panel™ includes real, full, natural cedar key-ways allowing the shingles to expand and contract naturally with the environment.

Multi-Part Fastening System
The Premier Panel™ features a proprietary multi-part adhesive system to secure the shingles to the backer-board. This multi-part system holds the shingles securely to the backerboard while providing the flexibility necessary for the shingles to expand and contract naturally with the environment. This system also eliminates the need to back staple the shingles to the backer-board, which can result in fastener exposure and subsequent iron stain/bleeding issues on the face of the panel.

The Premier Rain Screen System
Committed to new and innovative solutions for our customers and the building industry, Premier developed its shingle panel with a factory installed rain screen system. The Premier Panel™ features built-in Moisture Guard™ furring strips providing a vertical drainage plane to vent and drain trapped moisture. Premier’s furring strips also provide a thermal break, accommodate air flow and regulate pressure within the wall system – as well as promote the longevity and performance of stains, paints and finishes. This rain screen system is referred to as the "mother of all weather barrier systems."

Snap Lock Feature
Premier’s Moisture Guard™ furring strips include a “snap lock” feature. The lower portion of the furring strip, which extends below the bottom of the panel, is secured behind the fastened top edge of the preceding panel. This feature provides an added level of application security in extreme conditions.

The Premier Joint™
Premier’s backer-board includes an overlapping horizontal joint (Premier Joint™) that provides added protection against moisture from the outside migrating to the interior of the wall system. Premier’s backer-board with the Premier Joint™ provides for easy installation alignment and creates a full coverage overlapping backer-board.

Overlapping Vertical End Joints
The Premier Panel™ features secure overlapping vertical end joints providing further protection from the elements. This feature also provides for a seamless installation.

Premier Nailing Guide
The Premier Nailing Guide has been developed to assist the applicator locate the proper fastener location when installing the Premier Panel™. This guide consists of a factory drilled nail hole on the face of the panel (16” O.C.) approximately 1 1/4” from the top of the panel. By utilizing this nailing regimen, the panel is secured to the wall system through the thickest cross section of the panel (through the shingle, backer-board and furring strip).

Concealed Nailing
The Premier Panel™ is nailed along the upper edge of the panel (nailing guide) and the nails are subsequently hidden by the succeeding overlapping panel.

Vented Starter Strip
Premier’s vented starter strip has been designed to be used when installing the first course on the wall system. Premier's backer-board design with the starter strip eliminates the need for double coursing on the first row as the starter strip functions as the second underlying course. The starter strip also provides a blind fastener solution eliminating the need to face nail the first course and is grooved on the backside to allow moisture to escape through the bottom of the wall system.

Premier offers corner systems with the Premier Panel™. Premier's Solid Wood Outside Corner, Solid Wood Inside Corner and Flush Shingle Corner are manufactured with factory installed furring strips. Premier’s furred corner systems match up with the Premier Panel’s rain screen system.

Premier's corners are preassembled in the factory for ease of installation in the field. Premier's Solid Wood Outside and Inside Corners are available in 8', 9' and 10' lengths.

Door and Window Trim
Premier offers door and window trim with the Premier Panel™. Premier's unique solid wood door and window trim features a one-piece profile, which includes a milled-in furring strip that matches up with the Premier Panel™. Premier's door and window trim is in 3' to 10' lengths.

Flexible Design Options
The Premier Panel™ is available in Even-Butt and Staggered-Butt designs in standard 7” exposures. A 5” exposure is also available in the Even-Butt design. These exposures and designs provide a wide-range of architectural options. The Premier Panel™ is also available in a variety of custom variations to meet special architectural needs. Premier’s Fancy Butt Decorator Shingles may also be used in conjunction with the Premier Panel™ system to achieve additional architectural goals and designs.

Fast, Simple and Straightforward Installation
The Premier Panel™ is easy to handle and requires only one person for fast, simple and straightforward installation. The Premier Panel™ requires less skill in the field to install; as much of the assembly that requires highly skilled labor has been performed at the factory. This also makes the Premier Panel™ a great choice for DIY installers. Premier’s system reduces installation time in the field by up to 75% compared to the installation of traditional shingles. The one course Premier Panel™ is far simpler than outdated cumbersome multi-course panel systems.

Less Waste
Premier’s one course panel system produces significantly less waste during the installation process. Outdated multi-course panel systems produce significant waste when trimming around doors, windows, gables, dormers and other features.

Energy Efficient
Real Western Red Cedar Shingles on a solid, durable, Western Red Cedar backer-board provide two layers of laminated wood – one of nature’s best insulators. This two-ply “Cedar on Cedar” design, coupled with Premier’s factory installed furring system, (which creates a dead air space between the siding and sheathing) adds to the energy efficiency of the wall system.

Premier’s Healthy Homes Initiative
As part of Premier’s Healthy Homes Initiative, Premier has developed an environmental and family friendly backer-board system. The Premier Panel™ features a solid durable Western Red Cedar backer-board containing no/low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). (Plywood backer-boards contain significant amounts of VOC’s, formaldehyde and other undesirable compounds that create health and environmental concerns).

Good Steward Environmental Certificate
On certain product lines, Premier Forest Products, Inc. can offer “Good Steward” environmental certificates certifying that the products have been manufactured from dead, down, recycled or reclaimed material from waste streams.

Member Associations & Quality Assurance
Established in 1967, Premier Forest Products Inc. is a member of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, North America Wholesale Lumber Association, Forest Products Society and Temperate Forest Foundation. Premier Forest Products Inc. is also a member of the International Code Council a professional association dedicated to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public by making buildings safer.

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