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The Green Choice
Premier Forest Products, Inc. is proud to manufacture environmentally responsible building products for today’s home owners and builders. The choice is clear.
Choose Green. Choose Premier.
Formaldehyde Free
The Premier Panel™ contains no/low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is formaldehyde free. Premier’s Real Wood products are the Green Choice™ for your next project.
Good Steward Environmental Certificate
Premier Forest Products, Inc. can offer “Good Steward Environmental Certificates” certifying that products have been manufactured from dead, down, diseased, recycled and/or reclaimed material. For your next project, Go Green. Go Premier.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Use Wood.
Tackle Climate Change. Use Wood. To learn more about how wood plays a major role in combating climate change.


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Welcome to our website. Since 1967, Premier Forest Products, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing a wide range of premium wood products for our customers throughout North America and around the world. Our philosophy is to invest in long-term business relationships by providing premier products, fair pricing and customer loyalty. We are committed to developing new and innovative products and services and take pride in the consistent quality of our product lines. Premier's signature product line is the Premier Panel™ (patent pending) a major breakthrough in shingle panel design.

The Premier Panel™ - Classic Design: Designed after the classic and traditional method of installing individual shingles, Premier's two ply "Cedar on Cedar" shingle panel is the only shingle panel available with a naturally durable Western Red Cedar backer-board. Real Cedar key-ways and a full coverage overlapping-backerboard are just two of the many important features of the Premier Panel™ that also include premium "A" grade shingles manufactured from 100% Vertical Grain, Clear Heartwood, Western Red Cedar. Premier's shingles are band sawn, rebutted and rejointed providing optimum architectural appeal and superior finish performance.

The Premier Panel™ - Rain Screen Design: Committed to new, green and innovative solutions for our customers, architects and the building industry, Premier took the same great features of the Classic Panel and developed a cutting edge Rain Screen Panel by adding factory installed Moisture Guard™ furring strips to the back of the cedar backer-board. The furring strips, located 16" on center, provide a vertical drainage plane to vent and drain trapped moisture by creating a continuous 3/8" air space behind the siding. Premier's patent pending rain screen design provides a thermal and capillary break, equalizes pressure within the wall system, optimizes insulation performance and increases R-value resulting in a green and energy efficient siding system. Rain screen design also enhances the performance of finishes, combats mold, mildew and corrosion and extends the longevity of the siding and building envelope.

To learn more about Premier's Classic and Rain Screen Panel Designs, Exposures, Styles and a full line of accessories, click here. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

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Learn more about our Cedar Shingle Panels, Cedar Siding and many other red cedar products.
Why Premier? We know that as home owners and builders you have a choice. The staff at Premier Forest Products, Inc. strives to provide excellent customer service along with premium products that are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner. We understand the importance of building green and are proud to manufacture the Premier Panel™ – the best choice for cedar shingle siding.

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Watch the Cedar House Slide Show.Great examples of why Western Red Cedar is preferred by so many architects, builders and homeowners.
Cedar Siding, Cedar Shingle Panels
Premier Forest Products - Cedar Products, Manufacturing Shingles Wood Siding, Lumber Products, and More...Nothing Else Looks, Or Lasts, Like Real Cedar. The only real alternative? Real Cedar, naturally!
No man-made material can duplicate the preferred choice of Real Wood. Nothing else looks or lasts like real cedar.
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